April 15, 2024, 14:43

NATO remains convinced that russia cannot win this war – Angus Lapsley,

“The most urgent thing we can do right now is to support Ukraine with as much material support as possible. It remains a very firm view in NATO that russia cannot win this war of aggression. The combination of Ukrainian will to fight, to protect its democracy, its independence as a country, and the wealth, and the military capability, and the material that we have in the Alliance means that ultimately russia cannot win this war. Ukraine will prevail,” said Angus Lapsley, Assistant Secretary General for Defence Policy and Planning of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, during the Second Black Sea Security Conference

In particular, Angus Lapsley pointed out the need to step up and help Ukraine in various critical areas, in particular with artillery shells. He also said that the Alliance states need to dig deep and look at what more they can do to help Ukraine.


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