September 7, 2022, 14:04

Ministry of Education and Science Reported How Many Children Are Schooled in Ukraine and Abroad

There are 19,906 schools working in Ukraine, including 1,539 schools working offline, 3,967 operating in a mixed format, and 5,977 schools teaching remotely.

Yuriy Kononenko, Head of the Main Directorate of General Secondary and Preschool Education of the Ministry of Education and Science, stated this at Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“Overall, 3,900,000 children will learn in schools. At the moment, about 800,000 started learning in a regular format, with 1,300,000 studying in a mixed format. Further, 1,800,000 students are schooled remotely. There are 87,616 IDP children among them. In addition, over 497,000 children are currently abroad,” he said.

As regards pre-schools, 4,888 operate in a regular format, with 4,858 working remotely and 885 in a mixed format.

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