April 15, 2024, 17:59

Minister of State at the UK Ministry of Defense: Maritime Capabilities Coalition will assist Ukraine in enhancing its naval fleet

This statement was made by The Earl of Minto at the Second Black Sea Security Conference.

“The Coalition will also, in time, help Ukraine build a credible Maritime force that is interoperable with allies and a compliment to NATO. Together, we lay the foundations for a bright and secure post-war future. By building on this support, and we must all continue to build, we can help Ukraine realize its goal of being a net exporter of Black Sea security, which will strengthen us all,” said The Earl of Minto, Minister of State, Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom.

He reminded that security of the Black Sea is not solely the Ukrainian concern. The UK is proud of providing extensive lethal and non-lethal aid to Ukraine. The United Kingdom is also working alongside Norway, as co-founder and co-chairs of the Maritime Capability Coalition, which is delivering long-term training, equipment, and infrastructure support. This Capability Coalition will ensure Ukraine can establish and maintain its sovereignty in the naval domain.


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