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January 17, 2023, 17:56

Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform hit by russian cyberattack

On January 17, Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform began experiencing problems with the Internet connection during one of the briefings. As a result, all online broadcasts had to be interrupted.

It became known that the Media Center network was under a russian cyberattack. State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection team promptly restored connection and Media Center continued to broadcast the briefings according to the schedule.

“All the russian hackers were able to do was delay the start of our briefing for 15 minutes. Likewise, with their actions, they are delaying the end of their country. It will definitely happen in the near future,” — Yurii Shchyhol, Head of State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection, who is the participant of the next briefing, commented on this incident.

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