November 13, 2023, 15:31

Market basket: these products can go up in price by up to 5-10% in winter

The seasonality factor has already begun to affect the prices of a number of food items, in particular, eggs, dairy products, meat products, and vegetables. In general, in winter, prices for some types of products may increase by 5-10%.

Denys Marchuk, Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Agrarian Council, made this statement during a briefing at Ukraine – Ukrinform Media Center.

“In fact, since the end of August, the prices of dairy and meat products have increased in our country. This is due to both logistics and the increase in prices of fuel and lubricants, but also there’s the factor of the end of the ‘big milk season.’ Plus, we have a significant number of cattle herds, especially in households, and domestic demand for dairy products is quite high. Accordingly, today the competition between dairy processing enterprises has led to the fact that the purchase price for ‘extra-class’ milk has increased a little, it is now at its peak, and therefore we see an increase in the price of dairy products. In fact, this could last until mid-December, as long as processing enterprises have contractual obligations for both domestic and export markets that they will fulfill. Then, perhaps, the price will partially decrease,” he said.

At the same time, Denys Marchuk noted that the price of eggs will stay high longer, roughly until the middle of spring.

“This price will last for a long period of time, somewhere until the middle of spring, until the month of May, until households begin to offer (their products – Ed.). Poultry farming was also very badly affected by military operations, a large number of poultry farms were destroyed, accordingly, this leads to a certain lack of industrial production,” he added.

However, with regard to cereal prices the situation is different, says Denys Marchuk, as there are some positive dynamics for Ukrainians. In particular, the price of buckwheat has dropped to less than UAH 30 per kilogram, which is actually two times less compared to the same period last year.

“That’s why the seasonality factor really matters for this group of foods that I mentioned. In fact, we can observe (the prices – Ed.) grow by about 5-10% in the winter period,” concluded Denys Marchuk.

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