August 1, 2023, 16:06

Lviv is looking for a management company for the Syhnivka Industrial Park

The management company, which will be selected in an open tender, will act as the project developer and receive five land plots of the Syhnivka Industrial Park for lease for the period of its creation. The Lviv City Council will support the industrial park by exempting and reducing local taxes and fees, including land rent.

Syhnivka Industrial Park will be located on five municipal land plots with an overall area of 30 hectares on Pivnichna Street in Lviv. The park will last for 50 years. The planned area is about 150 thousand square meters of industrial space. The main focus is on manufacturing enterprises in the processing industry. The technological and innovative heart of the industrial park will be a public centre with a scientific and technological core. It will include a business incubator for startup projects, laboratories, R&D, coworking spaces, training and conference rooms.

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