February 15, 2024, 18:36

Kyiv unveils compilation of testimonies and facts accounts regarding the Revolution of Dignity

A presentation of the book “Revolution of Dignity: Black Mass. Internal and External Threats 10 Years Ago vs Today” authored by Pavlo Romaniuk, a prominent figure in investigative journalism, was held at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

Within its pages, the author reveals previously undisclosed evidence concerning the fates and count of Maidan Heroes, divulges astonishing facts and intricacies of historical events, and unmasks clandestine crimes and influential figures operating behind the scenes. Through meticulous analysis and comparison, the author delves into the events, facts, trends, promises, and repercussions laid bare within his work.

Taras Shevchenko, Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Policy for European Integration, underscored the significance of recent publications spotlighting the Revolution of Dignity. He stressed the importance of honoring the memory of the revolution’s heroes and deepening understanding of Ukrainian history, particularly for future generations.

“To steer clear of historical distortions, which have sadly been all too common for centuries, particularly from our northern neighbors pushing divergent historical narratives, Russia included, there’s been a consistent effort to manipulate facts and give a skewed version of events. Even in this age of information overflow, Russia persists in muddling the waters by injecting multiple conflicting narratives, especially regarding historical matters, aiming to sow confusion and sway public opinion. In such circumstances, it becomes imperative to uphold the truth. I’m pleased that the ministry has taken this step to support the publishing house and the authors who’ve worked on this book,” he stressed.

Vasyl Pazyniak, author of the book’s foreword and a participant injured in the Revolution of Dignity, stressed the importance of incorporating the book into school and university curricula.

“This book is filled with material essential for study and reflection in history departments at schools and universities. Even if only certain sections are included in the curriculum, it will greatly benefit Ukraine’s future,” he remarked.

The book features photographs captured by Oleksandr Tymoshenko, a photojournalist and a participant injured in the Revolution of Dignity. Tymoshenko’s lens documented over 9,000 compelling images from Maidan during the tumultuous events of the revolution.

“These photographs serve as invaluable assets for future generations. They authentically capture the essence of truth,” remarked the dedicated photojournalist. “Every image I’ve contributed corroborates the truths articulated by Pavlo Romaniuk within the pages of this book.”

Simultaneously, Maksym Udovychenko, the Director General of the State Enterprise “Center for the Protection of Information Space of Ukraine,” highlighted the book’s authenticity and informative nature during the presentation. He underscored the author’s candid and forthright expression of thoughts.

Udovychenko disclosed that the initial print run of the book stands at 1000 copies. However, he expressed confidence in the book’s significance, advocating for its broader dissemination. He hinted at the possibility of increasing this year’s edition, firmly believing that everyone must engage with this enlightening publication.

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