Photo Media Center of Ukraine - Kharkiv: Yevhen Ivanov, deputy head of the KhOVA
November 13, 2023, 16:01

“KhOVA, together with the Ministry of Economy, is developing an individual approach to business recovery in the Kharkiv region” – Yevhen Ivanov

Yevhen Ivanov, deputy head of the KhOVA, spoke at a briefing on November 8 about the creation of favorable conditions for business development in the Kharkiv region and the results of the work of the Regional Office of International Cooperation.

He said that the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, together with the Ministry of Economy, is developing an individual approach to business recovery in the region.

“It is necessary to pay attention to the mining of territories and damaged or destroyed property in the affected communities. In particular, we work in the tax field, since the payment of taxes, for example, for farmers cannot be the same as in other regions. The military administration participated in the development of Law No. 3050 on exemption from tax on destroyed real estate, which entered into force on May 6 of this year. The law enables local self-government bodies, through commission decisions, to approve the provision of tax relief to enterprises that were destroyed or damaged,” Yevhen Ivanov commented.

According to him, more than 300 enterprises have already received such a benefit.

The deputy head of the KhOVA also said that under the regional military administration, it is planned to create a Coordinating Council for the development and support of entrepreneurship, which will help develop the legislative framework and individual programs for business.

Yevhen Ivanov also noted in his speech that the state business support programs are actively being implemented in the region: “Yes, in the current year, the YeRobota program was launched in Kharkiv Oblast.” We already have 152 positive decisions on providing micro-grants for over 20 million hryvnias. More than 500 applications are under consideration.”

According to the official, there are positive trends in the development and recovery of business in the region: the total number of business entities in the Kharkiv region increased by 212 individuals in September alone. In addition, several enterprises that are included in the list of the ten largest taxpayers after the KhOVA negotiations changed their plans for relocation and decided to stay in the region.

Mr. Ivanov also informed that on the initiative of the President of Ukraine, the Regional Office of International Cooperation was established in Kharkiv Oblast, which includes representatives of international donor partners, structural subdivisions of KhOVA, and local self-government bodies.

“Based on the Office, several events were held with international partners to attract investments to the region. On October 24, a meeting was held in Valki with representatives of the Polish sister city of Goleniów. It was not only about helping IDPs, of whom there are many in Valki, but also about the creation of an “industrial park”, the idea of which arose even before the war. Also in Kyiv, a Memorandum was signed on the establishment of twinning relations between the state of Utah, the United States, and the communities of Kupyansk, Chuhuiv, and Pechenihy. Based on the Office, we are establishing close cooperation in working on joint projects aimed at restoring and creating conditions for the entry of foreign investors here next year,” said Yevhen Ivano, deputy head of KhOVA.

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