Іван Федоров, міський голова Мелітополя, Медіацентр Україна – Укрінформ
May 24, 2023, 16:03

Ivan Fedorov: The enemy is trying to turn our residents into intimidated beggars

80% of residents of the temporarily occupied Melitopol are unemployed. The enemy does not pay social assistance, raises prices, and does everything possible to intimidate residents.

It was emphasized by Ivan Fedorov, Mayor of Melitopol, during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. 

“There is no work. 80% of our residents are unemployed as the businesses are closed. No social allowance or social care is being paid. The delay discharges stretch for 1-3 months. And we also understand that those having no russian passport issued, who refused russian citizenship, are not even entitled to receive the social benefits,” he said.

According to Ivan Fedorov, the enemy is raising prices for goods, and they are now three to four times higher than in any city in our country.

“Today, the enemy is trying to fulfill its main task in turning our residents into frightened beggars. That is why occupation authorities are raising prices and getting them into financial difficulties so the residents feel insufficient and in need of food.”

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