April 18, 2023, 18:10

Ivan Fedorov: Occupants are assembling lynching councils, abductions are intensifying

In the temporarily occupied territory of the Melitopol region, the occupiers have launched a self-appointed council and are building new torture chambers.

Ivan Fedorov, Melitopol Mayor, reported this during a briefing at the Ukraine-Union Media Center.

“A new twist that their (ed. – the occupier’s) actions took is to set up tribunals. Today they have fully launched the functioning of their fake court and are condemning our Ukrainian people for their pro-Ukrainian position first and foremost,” he said.

In addition, Ivan Fedorov noted that the occupiers kidnapped three residents of Melitopol and sent them to the Lefortovo Prison. According to him, it is now known that they were transported to Rostov “to be tried in a Rostov court for far-fetched allegations, of course, on fake charges and only to intimidate civilian population even more.”

According to Ivan Fedorov, abductions of citizens are not only continuing but also intensifying.

“People are held in different places. Occupants are building new courts and torture chambers. We also see that they have built new logistics bases for themselves, which are concentrated on the coast of the Azov Sea, both in Kyrylivka and in the Cis-Azov region. They have also placed headquarters there, with torture chambers nearby,” he said.

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