October 11, 2023, 16:07

“It is too early to talk about economic recovery while Mykolaiv ports are blocked” – the head of Mykolaiv military administration

The head of the Mykolaiv Military Administration, Vitaliy Kim, spoke about this and the situation in Mykolaiv region at an online briefing at the Ukraine-Odesa Media Center.

Although the enemy has recently intensified shelling of southern Ukraine, Mykolaiv city spent the day of October 11 calmly: the occupiers were shelling the Kutsurubska community, and the grass was burning from a fire. There were no casualties or damage.

“Mykolaiv is now much less affected by the occupiers’ missiles and drones than last year, but we have two communities, Ochakivska and Kutsurubska, which are constantly under fire,” he said.

The head of the administration also said that mobile groups to detect enemy attack UAVs are actively working in the region. Volunteers and caring people raised money for the work of such units to make the procedure faster.

In addition, Mykolaiv region is actively preparing for the heating season. Many houses in the region use alternative fuel and are purchasing it. Kim promises that the heating season will start on time.

“As for generators, we are provided with them. We understand the enemy’s threats to leave us without heat and light, but we are preparing and helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine, because it depends on them how we survive. This winter will be harder, because we expected last winter to be the last cold military season, but now people are tired, and I think it will be harder. But we will survive. We are tuning in to the good and helping our soldiers. I want to remind you that this time our air defense is much stronger than last fall,” Kim said.

Regarding the situation with water supply, the head of the UMA warns that in the next two months its quality will deteriorate as large-scale repairs will begin.

“There are three options for solving the problem, but we need time. For another two months, the water will be of poor quality because of the repairs. In short, the difficulty lies in the maintenance of water supply channels. The situation with water supply in Mykolaiv region is being resolved at the state level,” emphasized Vitaliy Kim.

Counter-sabotage operations continue in the region. Suspected collaborators are detained by the SSU and other branches of the Ukrainian defense forces. “70-80% of the local population is very helpful to our special services,” the head of the administration assures.

On the situation with the region’s economy, Vitaliy Kim said that small and medium-sized businesses are returning, but as long as the region’s ports are blocked, it is impossible to talk about an economic recovery.

“Ports are not working, which is 30-40% of our revenue. This is the biggest problem. Small and medium-sized businesses are coming back and working, but the ports are our main trouble, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine must solve. We cannot actively engage in exports because the ports are closed. The railroad is overloaded with grain exports, and there is not enough of it,” said the administration head.

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