Вадим Бойченко, очільник Маріуполя, Медіацентр Україна - Укрінформ, 19 липня
July 19, 2022, 13:11

“Invaders Keep over 10,000 Mariupol Locals in Filtration Centers,” Vadym Boichenko

Currently, more than 10,000 civilians from Mariupol are kept in custody in filtration centers both in the city and outside. These public servants and municipal officers were arrested by the invaders, taken into custody, and tortured.

Vadym Boichenko, Mayor of Mariupol, stated this at Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“According to our sources, one public servant succumbed to torture and died in prison. russians put pressure to extract cooperation from Mariupol locals, but they disagree,” he said.

Invaders are expected to hand out russian passports in September and mobilize locals to the front line.

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