July 5, 2023, 18:17

Initiative and courage combined with cunning – how Ukrainian military use Cossack practices in combat tasks

Today, the Ukrainian military in confrontations with the enemy turns to the experience of their ancestors – the Cossacks. This, in particular, allows them to take large enemy positions with smaller forces.

Major Pavlo Kurylenko, Commander of the 20th Separate Special Battalion “Ukraine” spoke about this during a discussion at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. In particular, he told how the traditions and tactics of the Cossacks help the Ukrainian military to fight.

“It is the execution of combat missions with the involvement of the Cossack factor that I mostly practice. I will give you a simple example – just like hundreds of years ago, our servicemen were able to take large positions, the enemy’s stronghold, with smaller forces during their offensive just two weeks ago. What does this say? This indicates the use of similar tactics as our ancestors – the Cossacks. And today it happens with quite similar tactics – precisely through impudence, precisely through trickery and finding several options for a logical and correct way out of hopeless situations,” the major explained.

He emphasized that just as the Cossacks always showed initiative, courage combined with cunning, so today it is thanks to these factors, thanks to the combination of these actions, that our units fulfill their tasks and move forward successfully.

In turn, Major Volodymyr Konchyts, Deputy Commander for Moral and Psychological Support of the 20th Separate Special Battalion, noted that it is important to unite people of various professions and backgrounds, who have taken up arms to defend Ukraine today. In particular, reminders of the Cossack legacy and Cossack traditions are used to rally around the idea of protecting the homeland.

“This work with all personnel, starting from the soldier who fights in the trenches, continuing with the commander of the detachment, platoon, company and individual units – we remind everyone that our task is to defend the country. We are all Cossacks, Cossacks have traditions, starting with Cossack privileges, with strict subordination and ending with military traditions, such as consecration of Cossacks, of soldiers of the unit,” explained Volodymyr Konchyts.

He emphasized that for more than a year, mobilized servicemen have been provided with the tools that allow them to navigate the battlefield, help themselves and guide their personnel in the right direction.

Volodymyr Konchyts added that thanks to this work, not a single serviceman refused to fulfill their military duty nor left the battlefield.

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