In the village of Kamianka on “Pelyustka” mine a teenager who was collecting scrap metal was blown up: the spokesman of the Main Department of State Emergency Services in the Kharkiv region E. Vasylenko

Photo Media Center of Ukraine - Kharkiv: Yevhen Vasylenko, the spokesperson of the Main Office of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region

On Monday in Kharkiv Media Hub, another briefing was held by Yevhen Vasylenko, the spokesman of the Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region, who spoke about the operational situation in the Kharkiv region, which took place between October 9 and 15 this year.

According to Yevhen Vasylenko, over the past week, the rescuers of the Kharkiv garrison made more than 190 trips under the “Alarm” signal, 9 of which were related to enemy shelling. 3 people were evacuated from the fires. Unfortunately, so many people died.

The speaker noted that sappers of the State Service for Emergency Situations continue to demine the de-occupied and affected areas of the Kharkiv region as a result of russian aggression. Thus, in the period from October 9 to 15, Kharkiv rescuers went out more than 300 times in response to calls from citizens to find suspicious or explosive objects. 839 ammunition and other dangerous items were neutralized.

35 pyrotechnic calculations and 71 units of special equipment of the joint detachment of the State Emergency Service continue to work on the inspection of power lines in the Kharkiv region. In general, since the beginning of the Great War, pyrotechnics have inspected more than 3784 hectares of territory, and about 2.7 thousand km of power lines, and discovered and neutralized more than 80.3 thousand explosive objects.

According to Yevhen Vasylenko, over the past week, there were 5 detonations using unknown explosive devices, as a result of which 3 civilians were killed and three, including a child, were injured.

So, on October 11 and 12, there were 2 detonations of three men on an anti-personnel mine of the OZM type. Two men, aged about 35, died as a result of the explosion, one was hospitalized in a medical facility.

October 12 in the village Another explosion of an unknown explosive object occurred in a private yard on the outskirts of Chuhuyiv district. As a result, a 39-year-old man suffered a mine-explosive injury to his right forearm and shoulder.

On October 13, the driver of a fuel truck came across an enemy anti-tank mine. As a result of the explosion, the 61-year-old driver died on the spot.

October 15 in the village A teenager born in 2008 came across an anti-personnel mine “Pelyustka” in Kamianka, Izyum district. According to preliminary information, he collected scrap metal together with his father. Currently, the boy is hospitalized with a diagnosis of mine-explosive injury and injury to his right foot.

According to the spokesman of the Main Department of Emergency Situations in the Kharkiv region, during the 19 months of the full-scale invasion of the russians on the territory of Ukraine, 236 explosions of civilians using unknown explosives occurred, as a result of which 45 people were killed and more than 220 were injured.