October 12, 2023, 13:15

“In case of missile hits and extreme conditions, we have prepared an emergency stock” – Odesa regional administration

Heat supply companies of Odesa region have created the necessary emergency stock of equipment, materials and facilities to cover their own needs and perform emergency repair work at heat supply facilities. 

This was reported by Volodymyr Karpych, Deputy Director of the Department of Life Support Systems and Energy Efficiency of the Odesa Regional State Administration.

“If enemy missiles or debris hit our infrastructure facilities, we have generators, the necessary equipment and diesel fuel stocks ready. In addition, if there is damage to the power grid, we have prepared schedules of possible power outages – by district and by house,” the official assured.

Volodymyr Karpich noted that an inventory of generators at vital infrastructure and social facilities was conducted in the region. It has been established that the autonomy of vital district heating and water supply facilities is currently at the following levels: 

  • centralized water supply facilities – 86%;
  • district heating boilers – 97%;
  • hospitals – 99%.

The work on equipping the facilities is ongoing at the expense of enterprises, local budgets and international donor assistance. The authorities plan to ensure 100% readiness by the start of the heating season on November 1.

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