November 23, 2023, 17:46

Hundreds of GAB`s destroy Kherson and the region, but Ukrainians are holding on – American journalist

Kherson residents are resilient to the heavy shelling by the Russian occupiers, trying to do all their work early. By three in the afternoon, the city is empty.

This was stated by Zarina Zabriskie, an American journalist who currently lives in Kherson, during a briefing at the Ukraine-Odesa Media Center. There she is writing a book and filming a documentary “Under the Deadly Sky: Ukraine’s Eastern Front” about the Ukrainian resistance together with war photographer Paul Conroy.

“Although the city completely dies out by the time the curfew starts at 8 p.m., it is alive, people are living, confidently waiting for the liberation of the left bank of the Dnipro, helping the Ukrainian defenders. Everything is working: shops are decorated for Halloween, you can get your hair or nails done in a beauty salon, buy everything you need. The city comes to life after the shelling, people even go for a run or work out in gyms. And the shelling here is terrible: the Russians are hitting with everything they have – grenades, artillery, and anti-aircraft guns, destroying entire blocks of houses, destroying schools, hospitals, and businesses,” the journalist said.

Zarina said that after the liberation of Kherson, the Russians set out to break the spirit of Ukrainians.

“Sometimes there are 100 attacks a day, the Russian occupiers use hundreds of shells. The Russians are using unexploded ordnance especially often. Only the day before yesterday, the occupiers fired five such bombs at Kherson. This is scary. They have improved this weapon, added wings and a GPS system, and launch them from planes outside the area of operation of the Ukrainian air force, so they cannot be shot down. I have seen the craters made by various aerial bombs, I have heard the sounds of these bombs and the explosions from them. It is scary. The Russians believe that this way they can break the spirit of the people of Kherson,” the journalist believes.

Zarina Zabriskie calls on journalists to tell more about how people are suffering from Russian weapons.

“There are hundreds, thousands of people’s stories in the south of Ukraine that need to be written about, told to the whole world, so that they know how terrible this war is,” the journalist summarized.

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