May 2, 2024, 14:30

Heightened activity of enemy reconnaissance and sabotage groups observed in Sumy oblast – Ukraine’s Border Guard Service

Currently the enemy is most actively attempting to deploy reconnaissance and sabotage groups to Sumy region.

Andrii Demchenko, Spokesperson for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, made this statement during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“The most active sector, where the persistently employs its reconnaissance and sabotage groups, remains Sumy region. Previously, they were active in Kharkiv region, but their activity has recently decreased. In Chernihiv oblast, no activity of enemy reconnaissance and sabotage groups has been reported. However, Sumy region remains a priority for them. In fact, several enemy reconnaissance and sabotage groups are uncovered per week. One can’t say that they infiltrate, or try to infiltrate, (our territory – Ed.) every day, but several groups are observed every week, lately this is how active they have been,” he said.

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