June 20, 2024, 14:21

Half of the repatriated bodies of those tortured in captivity are marines who defended Mariupol

The treatment of marine prisoners of war who made a determined last stand in Mariupol until the end has been among the most brutal. Human rights activists report that half of the returned bodies of tortured defenders are from the Marines.

This was highlighted by Olena Bieliachkova, Coordinator for Groups of Families of Prisoners of War at the Media Initiative for Human Rights, during a discussion at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“The most brutal treatment is inflicted on marine prisoners of war. According to our statistics and information from both families and open sources, half of the bodies showing signs of torture of the deceased that are returned belong to marines. Specifically, the 36th Marine Brigade and the 501st Battalion. These bodies usually come from the same places of detention, where conditions are the harshest,” she stated.

Bieliachkova noted that the returned bodies are often in such a condition that forensic experts cannot always determine a clear cause and manner of death. 

“Very often, the cause of death is listed as a disease that led to fatal consequences. As human rights defenders, we strive to ensure thorough examinations and studies to document and record the horrific crimes committed by russia,” Bieliachkova explained.

She emphasized that the 36th Brigade and the 501st Battalion are rarely mentioned in prisoner exchanges. However, the conditions of detention, the torture inflicted, and inadequate nutrition could lead to more bodies being returned from captivity.

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