May 19, 2022, 20:19

Gas and electricity out of garbage: A biogas power plant to start operation in Velyki Hrybovychi

Opening of a biogas power plant. Media briefing

Event participants: 

  • Yuriy Vitrenko, chairman of the board at the National joint-stock company “Naftogaz of Ukraine”,
  • Maksym Kozytskyy, chairman of the Lviv Regional Military Administration
  • Andriy Sadovyi, Lviv city mayor
  • Petro Bahriy, co-founder, supervisory board chairman at “Clear Energy”

When: May 21, 9 am

Journalists shall gather at the entrance to Lviv Regional Military Administration (18 Vynnychenka street) at 8 am. Transfer will be provided.

Accreditation for journalists – by 5 pm, May 20, at the link:

By 7 pm, May 20, you will receive additional information regarding the event by e-mail. Participation in the event requires presentation of an ID and a press certificate. Representatives of foreign media are also required to have an accreditation certificate from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Contact phone: +380638367460 or 235-40-22

Additional information:

Biogas power plants at landfills are designed to extract methane, which is formed due to the natural process of waste decomposition. Gas is then transferred from the compressor to the reciprocating engine, which converts it into electricity.

The installation of such a system not only allows producing energy from garbage but also significantly reduces the risk of fires, as well as decreases the height of the landfill.

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