October 24, 2023, 09:59

Full support of all Ukraine’s efforts to win this war: Chair of MEP delegation announces steps that must be implemented

MEPs will make every effort to help Ukraine win the war and return to peaceful life.

Udo Bullmann, Chair of the MEP Delegation, made this statement during a briefing on the results of the visit of the delegation of European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights, which was held at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“We know the European dream is reborn, we know the European dream is alive, and it lives here, in Ukraine. And this is the message that we can bring back to the European institutions, to the policy makers, of course, who have to manage a lot of difficulties on a pragmatic path forward, but what we saw also is that putin’s war of aggression prods both of us, the EU as well as Ukraine in transformational dynamics of which there is no way back. We are united in our destiny to organize our common future. That is the main point we knew theoretically, but we could study practically what it means. This is our dedication, this is what we have to work on,” said the MEP.

Udo Bullmann pointed out the practical steps that are to be implemented and which are aimed at the full support of Ukraine to win the war.

“Yes, we will give also further full support to all your efforts to win this war. The European Parliament just before we came had adopted its position on the Ukraine Facility, (EUR – ed.), 50 billion have to be launched very soon to support Ukraine in the next years. We know that this is not the amount that is reasonable to fit in all the necessities ahead of you. But it is something that was promised, and now the European Parliament has done its own work, the ball is in the field of the Council, the Council has to react, and we hope that the negotiations can be finalized very, very soon,” he said.

The Chair of the MEP delegation also noted the need to focus on the most important issues – issues of justice, in particular individual justice.

“That means we need to support those who do the documentary work, we need to safeguard accountability. And we need also to bring in redress to victims, as good as it is possible, of course, with all the national capacities at the command of Ukraine, but also of the European and the international support that is necessary for that. And we have to say “yes” also – the frozen russian assets have to be used for these purposes. We know that within our nations, within our member states of the European Union, there is huge support for that, and leaders of the EU have to safeguard that we find the solutions to that very rapidly, in line with the international law,” he explained.

Udo Bullmann also noted that MEPs want to emphasize the need for decisive actions regarding a large number of children who were illegally deported to russia and civilian hostages who are being held captive in the russian federation.

“That is an incredible scandal, and we have also to talk to international NGOs and to the  international community, as well as to the EU, to find ways to speed up the solution to this very question. We cannot turn a blind eye and we do not accept that actors of the international NGO agenda turn a blind eye in such a situation not to fully comply with what is expected. Here, that is an issue of major concern, as well as the rapid redress that has to be organized for those who had to flee internally in Ukraine,” he added.

It is important to note that the delegation of European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights (part of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs) came to Ukraine with a visit. In particular, during their visit, the delegation went to Chernihiv oblast and saw and talked with victims of the russians, witnesses of their crimes, and saw torture chambers.

In addition, MEPs talked with representatives of parliamentary committees, held meetings with the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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