August 1, 2023, 18:09

Every 10th worker will be a veteran – what measures are being taken today to provide Ukrainian defenders with job opportunities

Forecasts on the veteran population in the post-war period vary, but on average, it is 1 million 700 thousand people, which is 10% of the working population.

These data were presented by Maksym Pylypenko, PR Director at 

“As for the number of veterans at the end of the war, the figures are different, but on average, 1 million 700 thousand, this figure was announced approximately. It’s 10% of the working population. If earlier a veteran was one out of 40, one out of 30 employees, now every 10th employee will be a veteran. Meaning that businesses will face this and need to be aware of veterans as job seekers,” he said.

According to the study, Mr. Pylypenko added more than 60% of employers had no experience working with veterans and, accordingly, had no experience in veteran employment.  At the same time, companies that have worked with veterans are optimistic about the interaction experience and highlight their positive qualities, such as active social position and discipline.

At the same time, Yulya Kirillova, Head of the Department of Educational and Analytical Work of the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation, noted that the study results indicate a growing trend of breaking down stereotypes about veterans in the work environment.

According to her, employers that welcomed veterans after military service to their teams recommend working on the entire team adaptation instead of taking only measures regarding the veterans, not just to idealize the image of a veteran but to convey the idea of them being professionals. 

In turn, Svitlana Kashenets, Deputy Minister for Veteran Affairs, noted that one of the problematic issues Ukrainian defenders face is unemployment. According to her, job seekers are very worried about having troubles with employment and acquiring the qualities that would make an employer interested in hiring them.

However, Ms. Kashenets emphasized that there are already changes for the better in this area.

“First, we have already received team’s and organization’s requests for training on how to communicate with veterans, how to set the veteran-friendly workplaces for them,” she said, adding that the Ministry of Veterans Affairs is currently implementing a pilot project, the Institute of Veteran’s Assistant.

According to her, the assistant will have one of the tasks of accompanying veterans in their employment. They will inform them about education, retraining, and reskilling opportunities. 

“This will be a bridge between the veteran and employers, between the veteran and educational institutions,” she added.

Svitlana Kashenets also noted that a retraining program launch is currently underway, as well as a professional adaptation program of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, aiming at enabling veterans to acquire either a new profession, retraining, or short-term training programs.

“Four veteran development centers at higher education institutions, where programs will be developed directly for defenders, for our heroes, are already opened. Our assistants working there will guide their colleagues and friends to professional adaptation and the in-demand jobs in the regions.”

In addition, Svitlana Kashenets added there are currently developments by NGOs and projects supported by donor agencies, so she expressed confidence that together they will be able to prepare job opportunities for those returning from active military service.

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