July 28, 2023, 18:36

Evacuation efforts have been completed, and awareness campaign is underway – Zaporizhia region is preparing for various outcomes at ZNPP

Due to the unpredictable actions of the occupation authority management regarding the situation at Zaporizhia NPP, it could be anything. Hence, Zaporizhia Oblast has already conducted the necessary exercises and practiced the evacuation of the population.

Yurii Malashko, Head of Zaporizhia Oblast Military Administration, made the relevant report at a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. 

“We have already conducted training, all forces and means have been deployed, and we were preparing for the worst. We have engaged the forces and means of all bodies that will minimize the consequences of the Zaporizhia NPP explosion. We checked the state of readiness and also practiced evacuating management if necessary,” he emphasized.

In addition, according to Yurii Malashko, awareness-raising campaigns are held across the region.

“Our official information resources have a procedure for the people to follow in case of a situation. The measures are what to do, what to do first, and, most importantly, to listen to official resources that will inform people what action to take,” explained the head of the Zaporizhia Oblast Military Administration.

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