June 3, 2022, 15:23

Energy and Financial Pressure on the Invader, Expansion of Personal Sanctions—Ukrainian Diplomats Work on Further Restrictions for russia

Ukrainian diplomats are working on the forthcoming packages of sanctions against russia. There are three lines of this work. Oleksii Makeiev, Special Sanction Policies Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, spoke about this during his briefing at Media Center Ukraine. According to him, the principal goal is to bring energy and financial pressure to bear on the invader.

“A full embargo on oil and gas combined with a complete disconnection of russia’s financial system from the international finances can wreak tremendous havoc on the russian economy,” the Special Representative of Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes.

Personal sanctions against those involved in russia’s war crimes are also important.

“Specialists from the National Corruption Prevention Agency helped us draw up a list of more than 12,000 individuals and over 3,000 legal entities, and we suggest to our partners that these people and companies be sanctioned,” Makeiev said.

In addition, Ukrainian diplomats are working thoroughly to prevent russia from circumventing sanctions. According to Makeiev, the attitude to russia at the international level changed radically after the onset of russia’s all-out invasion and after the world had seen crimes perpetrated by russians in Kyiv Oblast.

“The international diplomacy is becoming harsher, less prone to compromises because we have a lot more arguments and evidence that we can only prevail on russia collectively—by combining efforts within the country and efforts of the entire civilized world.

It has been reported that the Council of the European Union approved the sixth package of economic and personal sanctions against russia and belarus. For instance, the EU decided to prohibit procurement, importation, or transportation of crude oil and some petroleum products from russia to the EU.

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