September 20, 2023, 13:59

Enemy shelling targeting the Kherson region has doubled – OVA

Over the past day, Russians fired 118 times on the liberated territory of the Kherson region from the occupied left bank. The enemy launcher 589 shells of various types of weapons and dropped more than 10 aerial bombs. In total, two people were killed in the Kherson region yesterday as a result of Russian aggression, and three others were injured.

Oleksandr Tolokonnikov, Spokesman for the Kherson Oblast Military Administration made this report, at a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“Different settlements were under fire. Medical facilities were destroyed by Russians in the settlements of the coastal zones. Russian airstrikes hit the Kherson plant and warehouses causing fires that were extinguished at the site. There was destruction. In terms of casualties, five people were injured yesterday as a result of Russian aggression, and two of them, unfortunately, died,” said Tolokonnikov.

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