April 18, 2024, 14:53

Employment of female and male veterans: Ukraine unveils a guidebook for veterans’ post-military career success

Ukraine has launched a comprehensive guidebook titled “How to Achieve Career Success after Military Service” aimed at aiding both women veterans and male veterans in securing employment post-demobilization. 

This topic was addressed in a presentation at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

The presented manual offers practical insights into job hunting strategies, support services, self-assessment, and enhancing competitiveness. Oleksandr Kuklyshyn, Co-author and Head of Green Stripe NGO described the guidebook as a roadmap for military members, offering valuable resources to navigate self-identification, plan future endeavors, and dispel common misconceptions.

“The guidebook itself follows a protocol approach inspired by practices from the US Army. While we’ve adapted and developed it uniquely, the focus remains on supporting veterans without causing harm. Our main goal in crafting this manual was to ensure we enhance, rather than diminish, existing recommendations and approaches. That’s why we sought input from the Ministry for Veterans Affairs during its development. Additionally, we’ve collaborated with the Ministry of Education and Science to finalize this manual, which is now being integrated into university programs as part of a state initiative to train our defenders. Our aim is to provide comprehensive support to our veterans as they navigate their post-service journey,” he explained.

During the manual’s development, input was gathered from military members and employers to ensure a comprehensive understanding of job search, employment, and collaboration dynamics at various stages. 

Distribution channels include veterans’ centers and the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation, with 200 manuals earmarked for dissemination in Odesa, notably through the NGO Veterans HUB ODESA. 

The manual’s materials are accessible online through the following link: https://mva.gov.ua/storage/app/sites/1/uploaded-files/ПОСІБНИК.pdf

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