October 11, 2023, 16:19

Economic development in Odesa region: grants for processing plants, gardens, greenhouses and IT

According to Oleksiy Dmytrenko, acting director of the Odesa regional department of economic policy and strategic planning, these are the areas in which entrepreneurs can try to get the budget support in Odesa region. He made this statement during a briefing at the Ukraine-Odesa Media Center.

Grants for the development of a processing enterprise

Applicants are provided with up to UAH 8 million in non-refundable assistance on a co-financing basis. Participants can be business entities that already have a business in the processing sector (woodworking, furniture production, agro-processing, metalworking, building materials production, etc.

As of 06.10.2023, 3 grants in the amount of UAH 20,459,662 have been approved for Odesa region. 2 grants in the amount of UAH 12,596,962 have already been received.

State funding for the establishment of a garden

This program also has a co-financing principle. The state allows entrepreneurs to attract from 140 thousand to 400 thousand hryvnias per hectare of plantations. Grant recipients must either have their own land plot or use the land for at least 25 years).

As of 06.10.2023, 6 grants in the amount of UAH 23,028,900 have been approved in Odesa region.
We received 3 grants worth UAH 14,290,000 for growing berries, nuts, and other fruit trees and shrubs.

Funds for greenhouse development
This program also includes co-financing. The size of the non-refundable grant is up to UAH 7 million for the creation of a new or development of an existing greenhouse farm. The program is open to private entrepreneurs, agricultural companies and farms that own or lease land.

As of 06.10.2023, 1 grant in the amount of UAH 7,000,000 was approved for Odesa region.

A grant for the creation or development of own business for combatants, persons with disabilities as a result of war and their families

The grant program is designed for combatants, people with war-related disabilities, and their spouses. It is available to individual entrepreneurs or individuals planning to start their own business.

The amount of the grant can be:

  • up to UAH 250 thousand – only veterans can apply. The grant recipient must create 1 job;
  • up to UAH 500 thousand – a veteran’s spouse can apply. The program covers up to 70% of the project cost, and the grant recipient must create 2 jobs;
  • up to UAH 1 million – a veteran who has been registered as a sole proprietor for 3 years can apply. The program covers 70% of the project cost. The grant recipient must create 4 jobs, two of which must be filled by combatants).

As of 06.10.2023, 1 grant in the amount of UAH 495,000 was approved for Odesa region.

Implementation of an experiment to organize training for people in educational programs in the field of information technology “Start in IT”

The call for applications through the Diia portal has not yet been announced. The program is open to IT representatives and startups and provides up to UAH 3.5 million in funding, provided that at least five jobs are created.

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