April 17, 2024, 16:37

Diplomacy, economy, and military prowess are seen as pivotal realms for Ukraine’s collaboration with Global South nations, according to experts

Diplomacy, economy, and military affairs are three crucial domains that could establish Ukraine’s key role in collaborating with Global South nations.

This assessment emerged from a panel at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

Economist and financial analyst Oleksiy Kushch emphasized the imperative for Ukraine to leverage its position as a bridge between the Western bloc and Global South countries, especially in diplomatic endeavors.

“This presents a rare chance for Ukraine to capitalize on its geopolitical positioning, global connectivity, and role as a crucial ‘bridge country’ facilitating inter-civilizational connections,” stated Oleksiy Kushch.

Kushch further highlighted the significance of the Global South for Ukrainian product markets and economic interests, advocating for the expansion of cooperative ventures in these regions.

Specifically, he suggested that establishing a free trade zone with India could emerge as a significant initiative in this regard.

Additionally, Kushch underscored the importance of bolstering security and military collaboration.

“Given Ukraine’s expertise in military technologies and its inherent military capabilities, it stands poised to provide substantial assistance to Global South nations in safeguarding their independence across technical, technological, and informational flanks,” elaborated Oleksiy Kushch.

On a similar note, Petro Oleshchuk, a political expert holding a Ph.D. in Political Science, underscored the significance of agricultural collaboration in potential economic partnerships between Ukraine and Global South countries. He also noted that the expert community is increasingly emphasizing cooperation opportunities within the IT sector as another promising avenue for economic engagement.

“This is the common ground between Ukraine and Global South nations—ensuring food security, facilitating the free flow of food, and addressing the array of challenges tied to it,” he stressed.

Additionally, Petro Oleshchuk underscored the significance of public diplomacy, especially in light of Ukraine’s ongoing challenges, and advocated for heightened cooperation between Ukraine and Global South countries in cultural and educational domains. He highlighted the importance of fostering exchanges and establishing relevant relationships to bolster these efforts.

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