фото: telegram/Сергій Борзов
July 19, 2022, 13:44

“Death Toll of the Missile Attack on Vinnytsia Rises to 25, with 54 Injured Hospitalized,” Head of Vinnytsia Oblast Military Administration

In the early hours of July 19, the 25th victim of the missile attack on Vinnytsia died in the hospital. She was the neurologist of the medical center at the very epicenter of the explosion. Serhiy Borzov, Head of Vinnytsia Oblast Military Administration, disclosed this at his briefing at Media Center Ukraine.

Currently, 54 people injured by the missile attack of July 14 are hospitalized. Eight of them are in grave condition. In addition, a 20-year lady with 98 percent body area burns is in critical condition.

Five patients, including a child, have already been moved to Lviv Burn Care Center. Two more patients are being prepared for transportation.

“Lviv has one of the best Burn Care Centers in Ukraine, so the patients are delivered to Lviv because they have good equipment and the best specialists in treating this kind of injury. Then, later on, it is possible to send them to Poland for treatment and rehabilitation,” Serhiy Borzov clarified.

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