February 26, 2024, 16:43

Cultural Heritage Preserved: “Cultural Dimension of the Community – Moshny Village” Project Completed in Cherkasy Region

In Moshny village, located in Cherkasy Oblast, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at preserving the rich architectural heritage of the local community has reached its successful culmination after four months of diligent efforts. Dubbed the “Cultural Dimension of the Community – Moshny Village” project, this endeavor encompassed the development of a dedicated website, informative displays, digital renditions of cultural landmarks, 3D models, on-site research, and capacity-building workshops to empower the community in safeguarding its cultural legacy.

The project’s outcomes were reviewed and discussed at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. 

Roman Malenkov, Chairman of the Board of the “Ukraine Incognita” NGO, underscored the significance of this initiative, emphasizing its unprecedented focus on rural heritage conservation. 

“I believe this project will set a precedent for rural communities, marking the inception of a rural-focused initiative. While we’ve previously executed analogous endeavors in urban centers, this marks the inaugural venture of its kind in a rural context, within a province. The project aims to integrate all facets of cultural heritage site management and envision their future development—this is paramount. Moreover, it underscores the multifaceted fundamental concept that cultural heritage predominantly comprises tangible artifacts, serving as tangible relics of bygone eras, tangible evidence of our ancestral legacy, and a primary obligation for preservation,” he elaborated.

One of the project’s notable achievements was the creation of a comprehensive virtual tour, as highlighted by Andrii Yarovyi, Technical Director of “Ukraine Incognita” NGO. 

“Utilizing digital three-dimensional models, readily accessible on various websites and platforms, individuals can virtually explore these monuments even if they’re unable to visit the village physically. Employing photogrammetry technology—a fusion of ground and aerial photography—our team captured between 1,500 to 2,000 images for each subject, seamlessly integrating them to meticulously craft intricately detailed textured models. Notably, these models boast exceptional visualization and can be examined from any perspective, revealing intricate architectural features, styles, and structures. Furthermore, accompanying drawings aid in preservation efforts and future endeavors, including restoration projects. Essentially, they serve as comprehensive measurement documentation,” he explained, highlighting the completion of 8 surveys and the development of 8 digital three-dimensional models as part of the project’s achievements.

For his part, Mykola Yakymenko, a local historian deeply involved in the Moshny village community, shared his conviction that the project’s implementation, coupled with crucial elements such as informational backing, will significantly contribute to the safeguarding of the village’s cultural landmarks.

He remarked, “This project has elevated the efforts dedicated to the research and conservation of our monuments to unprecedented levels. Even as the project nears its conclusion, our community members, as well as former residents, have shown a keen willingness to contribute. ” 

“Additionally, the informational resources provided by this initiative offer hope for the preservation of monuments currently in a distressing state,” elucidated Mykola Yakymenko.

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