March 4, 2024, 16:03

Corn and sunflower crops expected to decline this year – Denys Marchuk

A decrease in corn and sunflower seed crops should be expected in Ukraine this season, said Denys Marchuk, Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Agrarian Council, during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“There is a shortage of working capital, and when you sell corn today at a loss with the production cost exceeding UAH 6,000, and buyers offer a price range of UAH 4.500-5,000, you understand that you are most likely to opt not to plant this crop next season. And, in fact, we can anticipate that this season will be marked, like last year, by a decrease in the number of corn crops,” he explained.

According to Denys Marchuk, this season there will probably be a decrease in the sowing of sunflower seeds

“Given the processes of crop rotation, it’s conceivable that we may witness a decrease in the cultivation of sunflower seeds. However, more focus will be put on oilseed crops – soybeans and rapeseed, among other things. Because, financially, these are the crops that offer a minimum margin and can cover the operational costs that producers must bear to sustain their operation,” he added.

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