Photo Kharkiv Media Hub: Yevhen Kolyada, Oleh Ivanov and Oleksandr Humanyuk
September 22, 2023, 12:24

“Coordinating Humanitarian Center” launched the first large-scale volunteer insurance project – Yevhen Kolyada

On September 19, during the evacuation mission in the city of Kupyansk, volunteers of the Kharkiv public organization “Piatykhatki-BAM”, with which Kharkiv Media Hub actively cooperated, were killed as a result of russian shelling.

On September 20, on this sad occasion, a briefing was held in our Hub, dedicated to the problems of evacuating the civilian population from the Kupyansk district of the Kharkiv region in the conditions of increased enemy shelling and the death of volunteers. Speakers were the chairman of the board of the “Coordinating Humanitarian Center”, Yevhen Kolyada, Oleh Ivanov, the head of the evacuation department of the above-mentioned organization, and Oleksandr Humanyuk – a representative of the “Rose on the Hand” public organization.

According to Yevhen Kolyada, since the beginning of August, the mandatory evacuation of the residents of the Kupyansk community, which is constantly suffering from the chaotic attacks of the occupiers, has been ongoing. The process of evacuation of refugees from war zones takes place every day. During this period, more than 950 people, including 205 children, were saved from russian terror.

– We have not refused any application! I want to point out that this work is very dangerous – volunteers are constantly risking their lives. This is a fact that we have to accept!

September 19 became a tragic day for the entire volunteer community – one of the crews of the NGO “Piatykhatki-BAM”, carrying out the task of evacuating civilians from the village of Kivsharivka, came under enemy fire. As a result, 8 people – 6 civilians and 2 volunteers – Serhii Shalygin and Vadym Zabara, who were in the car, suffered life-threatening injuries.

Y. Kolyada said that the “Coordinating Humanitarian Center” has launched the first large-scale volunteer insurance project. Since September 1 this year, insurance poles have been provided to more than 2,000 volunteers. The insurance is free, valid for one year and covers accidents and military risks from UAH 180,000 to 300,000. the chairman of the board of the “Coordinating Humanitarian Center” in his speech urged all volunteers to insure their lives and health.

He also appealed to the residents of the frontline areas to evacuate immediately.

– Now Kharkiv has everything necessary to house every refugee, including a child! I call on everyone – evacuate! There is no such spectrum of organizations that help displaced persons as in Kharkiv in any region! You will be provided with any help, starting with the restoration of documents, ending with financial support! Here you can wait out the war and save life – yours and your children’s!

The head of the evacuation department of the “Coordinating Humanitarian Center” Oleh Ivanov emphasized that the primary task of the volunteers of the Kharkiv region is the evacuation of the local population from the war zone.

– This is constant individual work with people – with elderly people with limited mobility, with families with children with psychological injuries, etc. And this is a difficult process due to the fact that there is a contact line nearby and active hostilities continue, and we, volunteers, also put our lives in danger. I urge everyone who hesitates to evacuate to do it as soon as possible, because tomorrow you may be gone!

The volunteer community appeals to everyone who cares to help financially the relatives of the fallen volunteers. Fundraising link, bank card number 5375 4112 0863 3409

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