April 12, 2024, 16:26

Construction project of National Military Memorial Cemetery accounts for all possible factors affecting environment – Yaroslav Starushchenko

At the current stage of the National Military Memorial Cemetery’s construction, the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) section of the project has actually been developed.

Yaroslav Starushchenko, Deputy Director of the National Military Memorial Cemetery, during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“Regarding the environmental impact. I would like to inform you that the State Institution (“National Military Memorial Cemetery” – Ed.) and the project organization, which is currently working on the design of the first stage, are developing and have already developed the Environment Impact Assessment section, which is actually mandatory at this stage of work,” he noted.

Yaroslav Starushchenko pointed out that when working on the Assessment, together with the specialists of the State Enterprise “Specialized State Expert Organization,” they closely investigated negative factors that can be brought about by the construction of the object on the allocated land plots.

“The state institution (“National Military Memorial Cemetery” – Ed.) made an agreement with the State Enterprise regarding the examination of project documentation. The State Enterprise, which is managed by the Ministry of Infrastructure, does not involve itself in such projects, which, as one might think, are based on a pay-off or decided upon over a phone call. That is, they are certified specialists who have undergone appropriate training, who bear personal criminal responsibility for their decisions. That is, if the project’s first stage passes the state examination, the project will definitely have an EIA section, which will include calculations, analyses and research into every possible factor that can carry at least some risks of potentially causing soil contamination and, above all, groundwater contamination,” he added.

Yaroslav Starushchenko also emphasized that when working on the master plan, specialists of the State Institution, State Expertise, and experienced designers paid due attention to two main requirements: burial by traditional method on land plots located in non-flooded territories and sanitary zones separating existing residential buildings and other constructions, including the potential future objects.

As reported, the designated sites for the National Military Memorial Cemetery, as determined by the state, are situated within the Hatne territorial community of the Fastiv district, Kyiv region. These sites are in proximity to the village of Markhalivka and the Southern Cemetery (Vita Poshtova). The combined area spans over 265 hectares, with more than 120 hectares earmarked for burial grounds and essential infrastructure to facilitate dignified interments.

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