Alina Frolova, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine (2019–2020), and Deputy Chair of the Board of the Center for Defense Strategies, Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.
April 13, 2023, 13:26

Concrete steps have already been taken to implement the Black Sea security plan – Alina Frolova

Within the framework of the Black Sea Security Conference, specific steps have been taken to implement the Black Sea Region’s security agenda.

It was emphasized by Alina Frolova, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine (2019–2020), and Deputy Chair of the Board of the Center for Defense Strategies, during a presentation at the Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform. 

“The first part of the expert discussions resulted in a document created by the Crimea Platform’s expert network, which will be published today. This is an expert vision of how the security configuration architecture of the Azov and Black Sea basin should be. We make specific proposals on how we see it in the future, but also what steps we can take right now,” said Alina Frolova.

She emphasized that today, in addition to the international community’s clear understanding that security in the Black Sea Region is primarily the liberation of Crimea with the help of partners and supplied weapons, there is also an understanding of what specific measures can be implemented right now.

“This includes the development of EU and NATO maritime strategies, the creation of a joint NATO multinational command, and the expansion of the mandates of several NATO missions that can, among other things, influence the situation in the Black Sea. This includes creating a joint maritime platform that would guarantee the safety of navigation in accordance with international laws. Protection of communication lines, creation of a coalition for demining, intensification of inspections of ships that may be transporting weapons or grain stolen in Ukraine, and so on,” she said.

Alina Frolova emphasized that recommendations have also been developed to create a joint air defense network of the Black Sea NATO countries together with the United States and separate recommendations on sanctions.

“There are things that can be done right now. These are pressing issues that can at least keep the situation from escalating and work towards restoring security in the Black Sea after the liberation of Crimea,” she emphasized.

As a reminder, Ukraine initiated the First Black Sea Security Conference, which is being held jointly with Romania on April 12-13 in Bucharest. The main goal of the event is to find practical tools to respond to the challenges posed by Russia’s aggression, which has destroyed the security system in Azov and Black Sea region, and to provide opportunities for sustainable development for all peaceful countries in the region.

The event is held within the framework of the International Crimea Platform, a mechanism aimed at de-occupying Crimea and restoring the Black Sea and European and global security.

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