May 17, 2022, 14:01

Change in procedure for acquiring driver’s license and introduction of extraterritorial jurisdiction — Interior Ministry on changes during wartime

Service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine continue to work with more and more of them resuming their operation in the whole territory of Ukraine. As of now, services have been resumed in 125 service centers of the Interior Ministry in 21 regions of Ukraine. Work has resumed in 6 centers in Sumy region, 4 in Chernihiv region and 2 in Kharkiv region despite the ongoing hostilities. There are also plans to open a service center of the Interior Ministry in Kharkiv.

This statement was made by Yevhen Moiseyenko, Head of the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“Under martial law it has become important to use the extraterritorial jurisdiction when taking the theory and practical tests to obtain a driver’s license while maintaining the security element. The Cabinet of Ministers supported our initiative. The civilians who moved to another city have been given the opportunity to take the practical test in any center of the Interior Ministry, not only where they took the theory test,” — he said.

For example, a resident of Mariupol finished a driving school in her city, but left for Kyiv because of active hostilities and occupation. Now she can take the practical test in any center of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine and obtain her driver’s license.

“We have provided a solution to another typical problem, when a person couldn’t pick up a printed out license. We made it legal to pick up a license in any Interior Ministry center. The same solution applies to the citizens, whose driving disqualification period came to an end, ” — Yevhen Moiseyenko noted.

Another innovation is using extraterritorial certificates for car registration when traveling abroad.

This is a very important service, especially for international carrier companies. While they were aboard, their documents used to be kept in a service center, and they had to pick them up from the specific center where the documents had been left.

As of now, a lot of such documents have been left on the temporarily occupied territories. Therefore, a car owner can come to any service center now and get their document back.

“We have introduced the opportunity for driving schools to provide theory training online. Besides, we reduced the number of topics by 20% for training drivers of categories B1, B, C1, C and E. This allows for a shorter curriculum in driving schools,” — Head of the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.
These changes are only in effect under martial law and three months after it’s lifted. They come into effect after being made public.

The following changes will be in effect on a permanent basis. Training in driving schools will be separated in two stages — theory and practical.

Previously, students had to finish studying in a driving school, pass a practical test in the school and then come to the service center of the Interior Ministry, pass the test and get the license. Now, the driver-to-be will learn the theory in driving school and get the certificate without passing the test. Then they will come to the service center of the Interior Ministry to take the theory test. Then the person studies practical driving at school and takes the practical test in the service center of the Interior Ministry.

The driver’s license can be obtained within two years after that.
In addition, there’s a new opportunity to obtain paid license plates for all vehicle types. Earlier this option was available only for cars.

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