April 16, 2024, 16:18

Business Ombudsman: Only 13.3% of businesses have faith in regional tax authorities 

Merely 13.3% of businesses place their trust in regional tax authorities. Conversely, trust in the central office of the State Tax Service stands at 18.9%.

These figures were disclosed by Business Ombudsman Roman Vashchuk during a discussion at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“Trust in regional tax authorities sits at a meager 13.3%, while confidence in the central office of the State Tax Service is slightly higher at 18.9%. Although not a comprehensive nationwide survey, these numbers reflect the sentiments of those most impacted by this issue,” remarked Roman Vashchuk.

It’s pertinent to mention that the data is derived from responses provided by 90 participants to the Business Ombudsman Council’s questionnaire.

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