April 15, 2024, 12:26

Atanas Zapryanov: We will stand with Ukraine as long as it takes to win this war

“We will stand with Ukraine as long as it takes to win this war. I assure you that supporting Ukraine will remain in the focus of our defense policy during the term of office of the current government,” Atanas Zapryanov, Minister of Defence of the Republic Bulgaria said during the Second Black Sea Security Conference of the International Crimea Platform.

Atanas Zapryanov emphasized that as a result of the brutal aggression, the world saw the effects of the war on the security of the entire region.

“We must be prepared for a long-lasting regional instability. The russian aggression against Ukraine wields the Kremlin’s increasing and illegitimate territorial claims in Europe and its intention to gradually escalate the armed conflict to achieve its revanchist strategy. The russian armed forces continue to commit war crimes in Ukraine and we fully condemn these atrocities. We believe that all the perpetrators of all crimes should be brought to international justice,” he emphasized.



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