April 14, 2024, 19:30

Any development of global events in the world directly depends on the development of events in Ukraine

No other military conflicts can lead to escalation, and in the case of Ukraine, the enemy must be defeated. This was stated by Peter Van Praagh, President of the Halifax International Security Forum, during the Second Black Sea Security Conference.

“Every single global issue depends on the victory in Ukraine. I think that is the message everybody should stick to. The battle that is going on in Gaza, even if there was an escalation yesterday, it can be localized. What needs to happen in Central Europe is Russia needs to be pushed back, needs to be demoralized on that side of the equation. And you can be sure that China is watching what is going on in Ukraine, very very carefully. And everybody who says that what happens in Ukraine is not related to Taiwan is wrong. They are directly related. And if we want to avoid direct confrontations in East Asia, and in the Middle East not escalate. The way to do that is to push Russia out of sovereign Ukraine,” he said.




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