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11:00 АMKYIV– Andrii Borovyk, Executive Director at Transparency International Ukraine

– Anastasiya Mazurok, Deputy Executive Director of Operations at Transparency International Ukraine
Presentation of Changes in Ukrainians’ Concerns about Reconstruction: Results of the Sociological Survey

Topics of focus:
– How did the attitude of the population change regarding the post-war recovery?
– What concerns do Ukrainians have regarding the reconstruction?
– How does the population assess the ongoing reconstruction?
– Are people ready to participate in the reconstruction of the country?
– What problems do city council leaders face?
– What stands in the way of effective reconstruction plans at the regional level?

Why is it interesting?
The results of the first wave of the survey showed that 73% of Ukrainians were most concerned about the restoration of corruption schemes in the reconstruction processes. 63% of citizens voiced concerns about the lack of control and, as a result, the embezzlement of public funds. The resumption of hostilities was ranked only third (55%). 
On December 7, the results of the second wave of the survey will be presented at the Media Center Ukraine.
1:00 PMKYIV– Daria Herasymchuk, Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for Children’s Rights and Rehabilitation;

– Caitlin Howarth, School of Public Health’s Humanitarian Research Lab (Yale HRL) representative;

– Dr Elina Steinerte, OSCE Moscow Mechanism expert;

– Kateryna Rashevska, Legal Expert at the Regional Center for Human Rights (RCHR) NGO. 

All in person

Briefings entitled ‘Stolen Voices’ project: forced displacement and deportation of Ukrainian children by ‘ruscism’ adherents. Facts and revelations

Why is it interesting?
According to the Children of War unified state platform, 19,546 Ukrainian children have been abducted or forcibly deported. These are only those children’s personal data that relates to a certainly identified and verified by the Ukrainian authorities in charge. The exact number of such children may be hundreds of thousands and is currently unknown.

Ukraine and the international community are working towards establishing and developing all possible robust child protection mechanisms for their urgent return, while constantly recording and exposing crimes against Ukrainian children by Russia. 

During the briefing, the facts and evidence collected by the OSCE Moscow Mechanism and the Yale School of Public Health’s Humanitarian Research Lab (HRL) experts, as well as Ukrainian civil society activists on Russia’s mass abduction and forced transfer of Ukrainian children will be presented.
2:00 PMKYIV– Pavlo Moiseev, media lawyer (in person)

Consultation meeting for journalists and fixers on the procedure for establishing foreign media offices in Ukraine

Why is it interesting?
Media Center Ukraine has developed an algorithm overseeing the process of setting up foreign media in Ukraine. A consultation meeting with a lawyer is held to familiarize journalists and fixers with the step-by-step walkthrough guide in this matter and cover aspects of the procedure for registering a foreign media outlet representative office in Ukraine. 
11:30 AMODESAYevhen Dykyi, military and political analyst, veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, and director of the National Antarctic Research Center (online)
Topic of focus:
– The situation on the fronts of the Russian-Ukrainian war. What should turn the tide during winter
12:30 РMODESAZarina Zabrisky, American journalist (online)
Topic of focus: 
– Shelling of Kherson. How the city lives