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May 24
11:00 АMKYIV– Oleksandr Stavniichuk, Department Head at the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine (in person);

– Dmytro Zaruba, First Deputy Head of the State Environmental Inspectorate of Ukraine, representative of the Prosecutor’s General Office (in person);

– Oleg Listopad, ANTS National Interests Advocacy Network NGO (in person);

– Andrii Demydenko, member of the Working Group under the Operational Headquarters of the State Environmental Inspectorate of Ukraine (online);

– Bohdan Mazurok, representative of the Specialized Environmental Department at the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office (in person)
А roundtable discussion on the topic: “Will Ukraine be able to collect compensation from russia for environmental damage?”

Topics of focus:

– Do the current official methods allow for an objective estimate of the damage to the environment caused by russian aggression, and will these calculations and evidence be accepted in international courts?
– Can the currently existing international legal mechanisms and legislation ensure Ukraine’s victory in the courts against russian war criminals to receive compensation for environmental damage?
1:00 PMKYIV– Bohdan Zheleznyak, Director;

– Kateryna Chikina, actress;

– Illia Ponomarenko, actor
Presentation of the second part of “MA!” anthology film

Why this is interesting:
The creators of the short film about the russo-Ukrainian war “MA!” filmed the second part of the anthology, a short story called “Breathe with me.” The short is based on the story of a married couple. A man defends the country together with his brother on the front near Bakhmut. At this time, his wife is on her personal battlefield – in the delivery bed. Their poignant telephone conversation will reveal the tragedy of the situation, in which almost every Ukrainian family has found itself.
2:30 PMKYIVIvan Fedorov, Mayor of Melitopol, (online)Topics of focus:
– Humanitarian and security situation in temporarily occupied Melitopol;
– Resistance movement;
– Crimes of the occupiers in Melitopol.