Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
September 28
12:00 PM LVIVSerhii Bratchuk, Spokesperson for the Head of Odesa Oblast Military Administration (online)Topics of focus:
– The current situation in the oblast
– Attacks by russians with Iranian kamikaze drones.
12:30 PMLVIVSerhii Khlan, Advisor to the Head of Kherson Oblast Military Administration (online)Topics of focus:
– The fake referendum held by russia in the occupied territory of the region
– Can residents of occupied cities be mobilized into the russian army?
– Closing the exit from the occupied portion of Kherson Oblast
– The current situation in the oblast.
1:00 PMLVIVVitalii Kamozin, Operations Director of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine (online)Topics of focus:
– Rosh HaShanah celebration in Uman
1:00 PMKYIVAndrii Ivko, Deputy Head of Ukravtodor (in person)
Topics of focus:

Restoring road infrastructure damaged by the invaders;

the scale of infrastructure destruction in Kharkiv Oblast and further recovery plans;

improving transportation links at the western borders.
2:30 PMKYIVTamila Tasheva, Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (in person)
Topic of focus:
Forced mobilization of Crimean Tatars in Crimea: the reaction of Ukraine and the world
3:00 PMKYIVDmytro Lubinets, the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights (in person); Andrii Yusov, a representative of the Defense Intelligence (online)
Key topics:

Ukraine is rescuing its people: The process for bringing back the POWs:

How does the exchange process take place?

What are detention conditions, and is there any communication with our POWs?

What is the procedure for freeing Ukrainian civilians from captivity?

What about the health and rehabilitation of people freed from captivity?
4:00 PMKYIVRoman Prymush, Deputy Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in charge of digital development, digital transformations, and digitalization (in person)
Key topics:
Completing tests of the community emergency notification system: the results; the work of SES units in Kharkiv Oblast.