Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
March 28
11:00 AM
ODESARoman Hrygoryshyn, deputy head of the Odesa regional military administration (in person);

Evgeny Levyenberg, chairman of the EXPO 2030 Odesa Public Council (in person);

Vadym Morokhovsky, head of the board of EXPO 2030 Odesa (in person);

Kyrylo Kryvolap, adviser to the Prime Minister of Ukraine (online);

Oleksandra Vasylenko, director of the Department of economic diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (online);
Topics of focus:

– Presentation of the EXPO 2030 model in Odesa;
– The results of the trip of the Ukrainian delegation to Paris as part of the research mission of the International Bureau of Exhibitions;
12:00 PMODESAKatja Rumyantseva, blogger and activist from Berlin (Germany); creator of the Instagram platform (kaciaberlin) to raise awareness of German society about post-Soviet dictatorships and russian aggression (in person);

Topics of focus:

– Aid to the Ukrainian army from the German people;
– What young people in Germany know about the russian-Ukrainian war;
– How the russian-Ukrainian war is observed in the German media;
03:00 PMODESAIryna Filatova, Africanist, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Emeritus at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa (online);

Topics of focus:

– Relations between Ukraine and African countries;
– The attitude of African countries to the war;
– What is the foreign policy effect of the grain agreement;
– Cooperation of African countries (in particular, South Africa) with russia after the decision of the International Criminal Court to issue a warrant for putin’s arrest
11:00 AM
KYIV– Olena Sas, project manager of the National Interest Protection Network “ANTS,” (in person);
– Oksana Abduloieva, Associate Professor at Institute of Biology and Medicine of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ph.D. in Biology (in person);
– Maria Ilyina, the Head of the Department of Ecosystem Assessment of Natural Resource Potential of the Institute of Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (in person);
– Oleksandr Stavniychuk, the Deputy Head of the Department of Environmental Control and Methodology (in person);
– Oleg Listopad – journalist, ecologist, a retired officer of the Armed Forces (in person).
How to assess the environmental damage caused by russian armed aggression
Presentation of the course from the Prometheus online education platform

Why is it interesting?

The damage to Ukraine’s environment caused by the war waged by russia against our country has reached unprecedented proportions. To bring the aggressor to justice, we need facts, evidence, and figures. That is why the Prometheus online education platform is launching a course designed to teach how to record facts and evidence and how to calculate damages, making it look like convincing figures obtained using official methods.
12:00 PMKYIVDmytro Solomchuk, Member of Verkhovna Rada and a member of Verkhovna Rada’s Agrarian and Land Policy Committee (online).

Topics of focus:

– Spring sowing: major problems and challenges;
– Agricultural sector support programme.
12:30 PMKYIVFedir Venislavskyi, People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Member of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence, Representative of the President of Ukraine to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (in person).

Topic of focus:

– How will putin’s arrest warrant affect Western arms supplies to Ukraine?