Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
December 27
ODESADmytro Kubryak, neurosurgeon, referee of the Ukrainian Football Association, released hostage of the Kremlin (online)

Topics on focus:

– Mariupol’s capture;
– How does the exchange of prisoners of war goes;
– How should relatives of prisoners of war behave;
12:00 PMODESADmytro Pletenchuk, Head of the Press Service of the Kherson Defense Forces (online)

Topics on focus:

– Humanitarian and security situation in Kherson;
– How life support systems are being restored;
– Assistance to Kherson from the government, other regions and international organizations
01:00 PMODESAValeriya Abdal, co-founder of the Charitable Foundation «Dity Heroiv» (Children of Heroes) (in person)

Topics on focus:

– Half-year results of the NGO’s work;
– How NGO helps children of fallen heroes;
– How to join the Charitable Foundation «Dity Heroiv» (Children of Heroes)
1:00 PMKYIVIryna Latysh, wife of a prisoner of war, representative of the 95th Air Assault Brigade

Svitlana Bohdanenko, wife of a prisoner of war, representative of military medics of Mariupol

Natalia Kravtsova, mother of a prisoner of war, “WOMEN OF STEEL” Council of Wives and Mothers of Ukraine’s Defenders NGO

Natalia Lukovska, wife of a prisoner of war, representative of “Always Loyal” NGO

Illia Honchar, brother of a civilian prisoner, member of “Civilians in Captivity” NGO

Nora Storozhuk, wife of a prisoner of war, member of “Soldiers’ Release” NGO
Briefing entitled “Christmas in captivity: annual results of the activities of NGOs and POWs’ family members aimed at the release of Ukrainian captives”
3:00 PMKYIVAndrii Demchenko, Spokesperson for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (in person)Topic of focus:
— The current situation at the border
— The dynamics of border crossing to enter/exit Ukraine