Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
October 27
10:00 AMLVIVIgor Semyvolos, Executive Director at the Association of Middle East Studies (online)Topics of focus:
– Iran and Russia: drones, missiles, nuclear technology. Can we talk about a sustainable union and how should Ukraine resist this?
– Who will be supported by Israel?
– Ukraine and the Middle East. Where and how to find allies?
11:30 AMLVIV Olena Korobkova, Chair of the Board of the Independent Association of the Banks of Ukraine
Topics of focus:
– Banking sector condition after 8 months of war
– Exchange rate: the causes of fluctuation
– Refinancing rate: should we expect it to change 
– Credit opportunities for Ukrainians
– Deposit statistics: do Ukrainians trust funds to banks
11:00 AMKYIVAnna Lushchai – Head of Accessibility and Mental Health at the Office of the First Lady of Ukraine; Viktor Liashko – Minister of Health; Anna Ilyenko – representative of Gradus Research (in person)Topics of focus: the Ukrainians’ experience in seeking psychological help and barriers on this path, the culture of mental health care, Ukrainians’ assessment of their mental state.
12:30 PMKYIVOleksandr Havrylko, Press Officer of the Police in Donetsk region (online)

Topics of focus: The current situation in the region; implementation of stabilization measures; results of preliminary exhumation.
14:30 PMKYIVOleh Korikov, Acting Chairman — Chief State Inspector for Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Ukraine (in person)Topics of focus: Nuclear safety in the country, the situation at Zaporizhia NPP, the future IAEA mission.

11:00 AMODESAAndriy Kosyak, Hennadiy Suldin, Founders of the “Technary” technical groupTopics of focus: “The first combat use of a mobile application “E-air defense system” 
More information: On the morning of the October 22, the first combat application of the “E- air defense system” (ePPO) against the Russian cruise missile “Kalibr” flying at a very low altitude took place in the South of Ukraine. Vigilant citizens saw the rocket and alerted the military using the ePPO application. The anti-aircraft guns received targeting in a few seconds and shot down the “Kalibr”.
12:00 PMODESAIrena Karpa, Ukrainian writer  

Topic of focus: How Ukrainian society has changed after the Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
The war has become a waking nightmare even for those part of Ukrainian society who stood aside after Donbas occupation and the annexation of Crimea. Now we are reconsidering role of Russia in Ukraine and Europe.
We will talk with Irena Karpa about:
–  The military’s impact on the art ‘front’ inside the country
–  How the Ukrainian society will change in the nearest future
–  How the Ukrainian culture will evolve in the coming decade