Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
November 25
11:00 AMLVIVAndrii Moskalenko, First Deputy Mayor of Lviv
Roman Tymotsko, Online Map Developer
(in person)
Why is this interesting?
An interactive map of public locations, where people can charge their devices if there is no electricity at home or in the office, was created in Lviv. Places with their own shelters are also mapped. Lviv residents are asked to send their ideas and comments to improve the map.
11:30 AMLVIVHryhorii Plachkov, Former Head of State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate (online)Topics of focus:
The state of nuclear power after massive shelling
Emergency shut-downs and launches of nuclear power plants: the consequences
Discussion on the topic: “Victory Generation: How Ukrainian Youth Live During the War”
Stanislav Hvozdinskyi, Representative of the Youth Policy Department, Student Mayor of Lviv
Mariana Faryniak, Project Manager of the “Building Ukraine Together” project
Nazar Kiryk, Deputy Chair of “Plast” in Lviv
Rostyslav Radysh, Head of the “Center for United Solutions” public organization
Ostap Pona, GlobalLogic Engineer
Topics of focus:
Volunteering drivers: why helping others is so popular among young people
Smartphone as a weapon: how the generation of messengers and social media overcomes russian propaganda
How to charge your batteries: where to look for motivation
Call of the Motherland: how to bring home those who have left
Life after: what will Ukrainian youth look like after the victory
Duration of the discussion: about 1 hour
Admission: free
Visitors are requested to come 10 to 15 minutes before the event starts
11:00 AMKYIVOksana Zholnovych (Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine)

Kateryna Pavlichenko (Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine)

Pavlo Zamostian (UNFPA in Ukraine)

Olena Vykhor (Office of the Human-Rights Ombudsman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine)

Maryna Bardina (Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine)
Panel discussion on the topic “16 Days Against Violence”
Why is this interesting?

On November 25, the All-Ukrainian Action “16 Days Against Violence” starts. On the eve of November 1, the Istanbul Convention came into force in Ukraine. Speakers will answer questions related to countering domestic and gender-based violence, talk about trends, projects, policies and support mechanisms that the state implements under the war conditions. Participants of the discussion panel will answer the journalists’ questions.
12:00 AMKYIVOleksandr Kharchenko, Director at the Energy Industry Research Center (in person)Topics of focus:
— Blackout: the consequences and the recovery prospects
— How the Ukrainian energy sector can survive the winter