Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
April 25
11:00 AM
ODESAAlla Bochevar, executive director of the Charitable Foundation for the Development of the Naval Forces of Ukraine (in person);

Kateryna, wife of a captured soldier, member of the hippotherapy program (in person);

Kostyantin Naychuk, private, the member of rehabilitation program (in person);

Dmytro Shykov, senior sailor, the member of rehabilitation program (in person)
Topics of focus:

– How does the psychological support center for servicemen of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their family members work;
– Features of canis therapy and hippotherapy;
– Organization of summer children’s camps and art therapy;
12:00 PMODESAIhor Skrypnichenko, adviser to the Honorable Consul of Ukraine in USA (online);

Valery Oslavskyi, trainer of the program (in person);

Attention: the briefing scheduled for 12:00 PM has been postponed.
Topics of focus:

– How the Seattle Pacific University training program for government and military leaders, psychologists, educators, chaplains, and volunteers works;
– How many people have already been trained;
– Differences of the program in the South of Ukraine;
01:00 PMODESAOleh Rubel, national coordinator of the BSB1021 CIRCLECON project (in person);

Oleksandr Laiko, deputy director for scientific work of the State University “Market Institute of the Institute of Market and Economic and Environmental Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” (in person);

Maryna Baldzhi, academician of the Academy of Economic Sciences, professor of Odesa Maritime University (in person);

Yulia Kotelnikova, researcher of the Ukrainian Regional Center for Marine Ecology, Head of the NGO Center for Democratic Development of the Sea “Synergy” (in person)
Topics of focus:

– Learning the basics of the Circular Economy in the Black Sea region as part of the BSB1021 CIRCLECON project;

The BSB 1021 – CIRCLECON project is aimed at promoting the circular Economy model; dissemination of information on waste prevention, reduction, and management; establishment of coordination in the Black Sea basin for mutual overcoming of environmental problems. The project is financed by the European Neighborhood Instrument within the framework of the Joint Operational Program of Cross-Border Cooperation “Black Sea Basin 2014-2020”
11:00 AM
KYIVYurii Malashko, Head of Zaporizhia Oblast Military Administration (online)
Zaporizhia today: current situation in the city and oblast

Topics of focus:

– What is the current security and humanitarian situation in the oblast?
– What are the shelling aftermath and the current situation with critical infrastructure?
12:00 PMKYIV– Massimiliano Iervolino, Secretary of Radicali Italiani;
– Giulia Crivellini, Treasure of Radicali Italiani;
– Igor Boni, President of Radicali Italiani;
– Silvja Manzi, Italian activist, and politician, Secretary of Radicali Italiani (2018-2019).

In-person attendance of all participants is planned.
Russian Influence: How is it Dealt with in Italy?

Topics of focus:

– The Radical Italiani movement and support for Ukraine – how does it work today?
– Fighting Russian influence – an example of Italy?

Why is it interesting?
Radical Italiani is an Italian political force that joined the case of National Guard soldier Vitalii Markiv and defended his release.
After the large-scale invasion, Radicali Italiani launched “Putin in The Hague” multilingual appeal.

For reference:
On April 25, Italy celebrates Liberation Day or the Anniversary of the Resistance, as on this day in 1945, two cities of northern Italy – Turin and Milan were liberated from German forces. On this occasion, this year, on April 25, Italy will host the action “April 25: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Resistance – with the Ukrainian people against Putin, the Fascist”.
1:30 PMKYIVFedir Venislavskyi, People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Member of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security, Defense, and Intelligence, Representative of the President of Ukraine to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (online)Confessions of the Wagnerites – What will be the actions of the Ukrainian justice system?

Topics of focus:

– Wagnerites’ confessions to crimes committed in Ukraine – what is the phase of the case?
– When will Ukraine be able to pass a verdict in the case of the confessions of the Wagnerites?
– Is it necessary to involve international authorities to sentence the Wagnerites for crimes committed in Ukraine?
2:30 PMKYIVOleh Korikov, Acting Chairman — Chief State Inspector for Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Ukraine (online)Chornobyl NPP is now de-occupied, and Zaporizhia NPP is under occupation – what is the situation at the plants?

Topics of focus:

– Chornobyl zone – occupation consequence and monitoring resumption?
– Zaporizhia NPP – safety situation at the plant, how does it work today?
– Zaporizhia NPP after de-occupation – what should be the security protocol for restart and reconnection to Ukraine?
– Conclusions of the nuclear power industry after several months of attacks on infrastructure – what subject to change?