Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
January 25
02:00 PMODESAOleksandr Yurko, Head of the volunteer building battalion “Dobrobat” (in person);

Larysa Bortovyk, Head of the Kherson branch building battalion “Dobrobat” (in person);

Andriy Razin, Head of Zaporizhzhia branch building battalion “Dobrobat” (in person);

Yuriy Osipov, Head of the Mykolaiv branch building battalion “Dobrobat” (in person);
Topics of focus:

– Urgent restoration of housing and social infrastructure facilities in the de-occupied territories of the southern regions of Ukraine
04:00 PMODESAJaroslav Naď, the Minister of Defense of Slovakia (online)

Topics of focus:

– Military and technical cooperation between Slovakia and Ukraine in 2022 and perspectives for 2023;
– Perspectives of inviting Ukrainian military specialists to work at Slovak enterprises;
– Repair of Ukrainian military equipment in Slovakia;
– Relations between Slovakia and Russia;
– Transfer of Slovak aircraft, air defense systems and other weapons
– Development of the Slovak military-industrial complex
1:00 PMKYIVMstyslav Banik, Head of Electronic Services Development at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine
Olena Ursu, Head of the Democratic Governance UNDP Projects Group
Anton Hrushetskyi, Deputy Executive Director of KIIS
Presentation of the research entitled “How Many Ukrainians Use E-Services and Which Services Are the Most Popular: the Outcomes of the Sociological Research”

Why is this interesting?
How often do Ukrainians use electronic services? How much time do they spend online? How often do they use Diia and what services are the most in demand among Ukrainians? These and other issues were studied as part of an annual survey conducted by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) at the request of the United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine in partnership with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

Accreditation for mass media at the link:
3:00 PMKYIVAndrii Yusov, representative of the Chief Directorate of Intelligence
Andrii Shapovalov, Acting Head of the Disinformation Countering Center of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine
Maksym Mayorov, representative of the Center for Strategic Communication and Information Security
“Information and Psychological Special Operation (PSYOP): How to Live and Work in the Times of Information Attacks”

Topics of focus:
– What is an information and psychological special operation and how does russia use it in the war against Ukraine?
– PSYOP and journalism: how to avoid falling victim of an information attack?
– The balance of rational: can public interests and liberty of speech co-exist?