Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
November 23
1:00 РMKYIV– Tetyana Katrychenko, Executive Director of the Media Initiative for Human Rights;

– Bohdan Melnykovych, lawyer at the Crimean Human Rights Group; 

– Aliona Luniova, Advocacy Manager at ZMINA Human Rights Center;

– Anastasia Kalinina, lawyer at CrimeaSOS NGO

All in person.
Press conference entitled “How does Ukraine help civilian hostages and their relatives?”

Topics of focus:
– How do the provisions of the law on the protection of civilian hostages actually work?
– Do their families feel taken care of by the state?
– What should the state do to improve the protection of the rights of civilian hostages and their family members?

Why this is interesting: 
A year has passed since the law on social and legal protection of civilian hostages and their families came into full effect. The need for it arose back in 2014 following the start of russia’s war against Ukraine when the russian federation began to abduct and persecute civilians in the occupied territories.
In particular, the law regulates the provision of annual and one-time cash benefits, payments for legal aid, provision of temporary housing, educational benefits, etc. But currently, not all provisions of the law work, and the law itself does not sufficiently ensure the rights and guarantees for civilian hostages and families.
During the event, human rights defenders will present their assessment of the implementation of the law on the protection of civilians illegally deprived of their freedom by russia.
2:00 РMKYIV– Taras Shevchenko, Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine for European Integration (in person);

– Ihor Stepurin, Founder of “Summit-Book” publishing house, Head of Library Country Charitable Foundation (in person);

– Maksym Udovychenko, Head of the Center for the Protection of the Information Space of Ukraine State Enterprise (in person);

– Oleksa Riznykiv, author of the book “Give me, mother, some food… Holodomor Dictionary” (online);

– Vira Marushchak, author of the book “Desert. Holodomor. Ukrainian South” (online)
Presentation of books “Desert. Holodomor. Ukrainian South” and “Give me, mother, some food… Holodomor Dictionary”

Why this is interesting: 
Every year on the fourth Saturday of November, Ukraine commemorates the victims of the Holodomor of 1932–1933 and the mass man-made famines of 1921–1923 and 1946–1947. This year, the Holodomor Memorial Day falls on November 25.
In order to honor the memory of the victims of the Holodomor, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine facilitated the publication of the books “Desert. Holodomor. Ukrainian South” and “Give me, mother, some food… Holodomor Dictionary.”

11:00 AMKHARKIV– Serhii Bolvinov – deputy chief of the Main Department of the National Police in the Kharkiv region – head of the investigative department

– Briefing: “Results of the visit of the delegation of Kharkiv investigators to The Hague. Results of the war crimes investigation.”
01:00 РMKHARKIV– Oleksandr Chumak – president of the Association of Private Employers, head of the program
Victoria Nesterova – a member of the Council of the “Association of Private Employers”, trainer, consultant of the program
– Briefing: “Presentation of the USAID program “Competitive Economy of Ukraine”

The speakers will talk about the criteria for selecting participants, which modules the training program consists of, and which additional activities are planned for program participants.

03:00 РMKHARKIV– Vyacheslav Dzhmil – deputy head of the social benefits sector – head of the department for the registration of military pensions and benefits of the Kharkiv Regional Territorial Center for Staffing and Social Support, lieutenant colonel– Briefing: “Social protection of families of missing, dead servicemen. Algorithm of actions of family members in case of loss of contact with a serviceman”