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August 23
11:00 AMKYIV– Yaryna Herasymova, sister of an imprisoned border guard;

– Anzhela Zvereva, wife of an imprisoned border guard;

– Svitlana Shakirova, wife of an imprisoned border guard;

– Svitlana Polishchuk, wife of an imprisoned border guard;

All in person.

Liberation from captivity: how the wives of Ukrainian border guards fight for the return of their husbands

Why this is interesting:
The wives of Ukrainian border guards, who are still held in russian captivity, will talk about the stories of their husbands. And also, about the state support, a peaceful rally and their work to bring their loved ones home.

12:00 РMKYIV– Olya Yarychkivska, Co-Founder of Razom for Ukraine charity organization (U.S.); 

– Taras Hatalyak, Program Coordinator at Razom Heroes in Ukraine;

– Matvii Suslov, Program Manager for Tactical Medicine Project at Razom Heroes in Ukraine; 

– Serhii Mytrofanskyi, Project Coordinator of Cars for Victory in Ukraine;

– Evelina Kurilets, Executive Director of Razom for Ukraine;

All in person.

Press conference: How Razom for Ukraine helps to bring the victory of Ukraine closer

Topics of focus:
– The total volume of financial and advocacy support for Ukraine from Razom for Ukraine after russia’s full-scale invasion;
– Why Razom for Ukraine doesn’t collect funds in Ukraine, but instead raises funds abroad.
– Why does Razom for Ukraine deliver aid to defenders not to warehouses, but directly to the front line?
– Why are means of secure communication needed at the front today no less than drones?
– How tactical medicine from the RAZOM foundation saves lives on the front lines and in the rear.
– Pickup trucks and SUVs on the front line: why are they needed and why are they considered “expendable”?

For reference:
Razom for Ukraine charity organization is the largest American-Ukrainian foundation, which was founded in New York in 2014. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the fund has managed to collect over USD 100,000,000 in aid for Ukraine. During this time, the fund transferred hundreds of tons of tactical medicine, medical products and supplies, thousands of drones, radios, radio stations, pickup trucks, power generators, portable charging stations and other things to Ukrainian defenders, emergency services, clinics and hospitals with a total worth of more than USD 66,000,000.

13:00 РMKYIV– Anatolii Bondarchuk, analyst at Civil Network OPORA;

– Dmytro Bashtovyi, analyst at Civil Network OPORA;

All in person.

What Ukrainians think of the citizens who remained in the temporarily occupied territories – presentation of the survey 

Why this is interesting:
During the event, OPORA will present the results of the survey and tell what reasons force Ukrainian citizens to stay in the temporarily occupied territories, as well as what forces people to take russian passports. And also, who, according to the citizens of Ukraine, should be held responsible before the law for cooperating with the occupation authorities. And how Ukrainians feel about the idea of postponing elections in the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories after their liberation.