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May 23
10:30 AM KYIVAndrii Demchenko, Spokesperson for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (online)
New border crossing regulations following the Mobilization Law: What’s been imposed?

Topics of focus:
– Border crossing rules after the mobilization law came into effect:
– The present conditions at checkpoints;
– The current state of the borders with russia and belarus.
11:00 AMKYIVNatalia Kalmykova, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine for Social Development;

Vasyl Strilka, Director of the Department of High–Tech Medical Care and Innovations at the Ministry of Health;

Kseniia Voznitsyna, Chief Doctor of Lisova Poliana Veterans Mental Health and Rehabilitation Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine;

Valeriia Pavlenko, journalist at, author of multiple comprehensive series publications relating to the advancements and obstacles the military faces during rehabilitation;

Anastasiia Pampukha, Strategic Advisor on Policy Development and Legal Support of the Rehabilitation of War Trauma Initiative;

Ihor Chernetskyi, head of the Center for Anti-Terrorist Operation Participants and Their Families “Bandera Skhron” (Bandera’s Cache);

Uliana Bakh – Project Director at IREX.

All in person.
Roundtable discussion titled “Successes and Challenges of Rehabilitation of Military Personnel in Ukraine—Finding Solutions.”

Topics of focus:
– How to organize training for military rehabilitation specialists and disseminate the experience gained?
– Strategies for spreading advanced rehabilitation expertise to all public clinics;
– Ways in which the state can support volunteer and private rehabilitation centers.

Why is it interesting?
Throughout 2023–2024, the analytical publication examined numerous rehabilitation centers, including public, private, and volunteer-run facilities. While some have been aiding soldiers since 2014, others began operations in 2022. Despite their varied beginnings, all share a common goal: to restore the physical and mental well-being of military personnel affected by the war.
During the roundtable, journalists, who have extensively researched this topic, along with officials and public members, will discuss the priorities for state policy in military rehabilitation over the next five years and explore the contributions that private and volunteer initiatives can make in this effort.