Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
March 20
12:00 PMKYIVLeonid Tymchenko, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs;
Dmytro Ovsianiuk, Head of the Criminal Intelligence Department (within the Criminal Police) of the National Academy of Internal Affairs, Police Lieutenant Colonel;
Kateryna Haidash, a student of the 18th training group of the Kyiv Center for Primary Professional Training “Police Academy” of the NAIA, private police officer;
Maksym Kuzyk, a cadet of the 306th training group of the NAIA, police corporal;

All in person.
Poter.NET project presentation

Why is it interesting?
The Poter.NET (No Losses) online platform was crafted by cadets from Ministry of Internal Affairs-affiliated higher education institutions. Geared towards combatting russian propaganda and disinformation, budding cyber law enforcers sift through data, analyzing and identifying fallen soldiers and illicit armed factions from russia engaged in aggression against Ukraine.
3:00 PMKYIVOleksiy Kushch, economist, financial analyst;
Ihor Petrenko, political scientist, Doctor of Political Science;
Anton Kuchukhidze, co-founder of the United Ukraine Analytical Center, international political scientist;
Petro Oleshchuk, political expert, Ph.D. in Political Science;
Valentyn Hladkykh, political analyst, Candidate of Philosophy;
Dmytro Levus, international expert;

All in person.
Unveiling the study: “Creating Equity in Ukraine’s Tax System Amidst Warfare”

Why is it interesting?
The study’s authors delve into the necessity of aligning Ukraine’s tax policy with the challenges brought on by martial law, advocating for a just system that addresses the diverse needs of its populace.

Key reforms center on easing the tax load, particularly for those with lower incomes, by implementing a graduated income tax structure.

Additional recommendations encompass scrapping the maximum unified social tax base, presently capped at 15 minimum wages, and instituting tiered VAT rates ranging from 0% to 10% for essential items and scaling up to 25-40% for luxury goods.
11:00 AM KHARKIV-Olena Lohvynova – Deputy Head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration

-Liubov Makhota – Director of the State Institution “Kharkiv Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine”-
-Briefing: “The state of tuberculosis incidence in the Kharkiv region”